Lauren Eadie Claim

At this time in your life, you may be feeling discouraged and frustrated, trying to change something in your life that does not seem to want to change. These feelings are likely interfering with other parts of your life, making your days and interactions extremely difficult. Perhaps, you find yourself isolating, avoiding important tasks, and feeling an overall sense of dread and sadness. However, some part of you has at least a tiny bit of hope as you find yourself looking for a counselor who is committed to assisting you with healing. I will listen and support you for however long it takes us to get through these tough moments. I will connect and relate with you. I promise to help you “grow” that sense of hope and develop realistic steps in the direction of your goals. We will move you towards freedom, regaining independence from behaviors, thoughts, or relationships that no longer serve you. We will transition from “survival” mode to actually living the life of your dreams.

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