As an elementary school counselor since 1996, I have been asked hundreds of times by parents and teachers to recommend a local counselor for their children (and themselves). I knew who to recommend when a child needed a counselor who was effective when working for a child who had ADHD, for a couple who needed marital counseling, and for counselors who specialized in art or grief counseling. However, I asked my counselor colleagues for recommendations when a special request came around for someone who specialized in gender issues, anorexia, self-harming or other areas where special training was needed.

Initially, I had a small list of counselors, then it grew so I created a referral brochure of local counselors that all of the school counselors in my city would use. My counselor colleagues would help me add/subtract recommendations and interns would help to update it each year. Recently, I decided to make everything online so counselor specialties could be more available and updated since counselor contact information tends to change when they are no longer taking clients or they move. School counselors have been fast to link to our online directory to help parents have a local resource with up-to-date contact information of counselors–especially those who specialize in areas that are needed most.

Let me be very clear that I am not responsible for any results from receiving treatment from any of the counselors included in this directory.

Scott Ertl, M.Ed., NBPTS
School Counselor